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A subscription site to help you create a plan, know your options, and give you support when you feel alone. Knowledge conquers fear.

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Quit Moving From Crisis to Crisis!

Most Family Caregivers have no prior experience with all of these demanding tasks that have suddenly come their way. You love your Mom, Dad, Spouse, Child, etc. but with everything else you’ve got going on, caring for a Loved One can be a extremely overwhelming. It’s hard enough to figure out what to do now, let alone what to do next. Many Family Caregivers just move from crisis to crisis, continually putting out fires.

It would be GREAT if there was a way to know where you’re at and what to expect next!

Well now there is!

We Give you a Roadmap to Caregiver Victory!
The Caregiver Support Academy provides a Roadmap for Family Caregivers so you can clearly see where you’re at and what to expect next. Let us show you how to create a plan that includes your loved one’s wishes and facilitates family involvement. Even if you’re all alone on this journey we’ll be here to walk you through every step of the way.

 Why Caregiver Support Academy?

We’ve been Family Caregivers ourselves. We understand the struggle and the need for direction, support and a word of encouragement. Family Caregiving can be scary and lonely at times. That’s where the Caregiver Support Academy comes to the rescue. We’ll be by your side and give you the knowledge to conquer your fears.

Don’t Fear The Unknown. You’re Not Alone

We’ll help you create and execute a plan to take care of your Loved One and be a Caregiver Champion. Follow our Caregiver Roadmap and experience video courses, expert interviews, live interactions, and downloadable resources.

Join your fellow Caregivers in being prepared for the road ahead, while enjoying less stress and more time, all for the price of a single hour of home care aide per month.

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What Tools Are Available To Help Me Master Caregiving?

Caregiver Roadmap
We created this to help you get started quickly. You’ll be able to figure out where you’re at and dive into content that applies specifically to your journey with actionable items that can make a difference.
We have 8 complete courses, on various Family Caregiver related topics. These are in-depth courses, each with several lessons. They are in video format (Hosted by Doug & Cindy) with slides where you can watch and follow along. We will be adding new courses based on member feedback.
Master Classes

These are (approx) 45 minute in-depth interviews of an expert in the Caregiver or health care industry field. Cindy asks the questions that you would like to ask if you were sitting there talking to them.

Resource Page
Everything you need conveniently placed on one page. That’s right all our downloads, tools, links to past content, etc. at your fingertips. This page will constantly be evolving as we add new content.

How do I get access to this amazing content?

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Thank You for all you do. You really are making a difference. 

Doug & Cindy